Како изгледа бити девојка у нашој школи – есеји на енглеском наших ученица „Being a girl in my schol“

How it feels being a girl in my school


I am an 18-year-old girl who is just about to start her fourth and final year of high school. I have to admit it’s not going to be easy saying goodbye to this school and first and foremost my classmates. I have had an incredible journey attending this school and the task to summarize it in a short essay is not going to come easy to me, but I have also been taught during my school years to be precise and adaptable so I will do my best to fulfill it. I came here as a shy 15-year-old girl who did not yet know what she wanted to do in life and I am leaving as a confident 18-year-old young woman who knows what her life goals are and who now, with the help of my experience here, also know just how to make them come true. I was able to overcome my timid nature with the help of other girls in my class and also generally from my school. Even older ones welcomed me with open arms and showed me opportunities that I was missing out on. I hope that, just as they were to me, I am now to younger generations coming to my school not even aware of the possibilities that they have in life.


I am currently a 3rd grade student in my high school, and I have to say I have never been happier. Me and my best friend decided on this school together and it was one of the best decisions in my life. Not only am I attending the same school as her but we have also found a lot of great friends in and outside of our own class. The teachers are also excellent and have taught me so much valuable stuff. They have always been patient and kind even towards the students who do not do so well in school stuff. They have tried encouraging them to get better and to find ways that work for them when it comes to studying and even other passions through after school activities. I feel like this is a place where everyone can shine and that will bring out everybody’s colours.


I am 16 and ever since I was a child I’ve had a passion for arts and decorating, however I’ve always wanted to work more with people and luckily this school helped me achieve both. Whatever idea I’ve had I was able to achieve it in this school with the help of my female classmates and teachers. I’ve helped decorate the boards and walls of this school and make it a better and more positive learning environment for my peers. We have also done themes around Christmas time or our School day that have helped me express my creativity whilst also having fun and making it fun for others. I know a lot of my classmates have also participated in our school plays and it was so enjoyable to be working with them on stage, me and my fellow so called “artists” working on stage design and them working hard to put on a really amazing show for all of us. I am so grateful for this school giving me the opportunity to learn more whilst also showing my creative side.


I started a new journey by going to vacation school while the summer sun painted the sky with lovely hues. Being a teen girl in this strange environment was a mixture of exhilaration and trepidation. I entered a world where education, friendships, and self-discovery awaited with a backpack full of hopes and a heart wide open to possibilities. As I made my way through the hallways of vacation school, I soon understood that being a girl in this place meant accepting both difficulties and victories. The classes were humming with a lively spirit where intelligence knew no boundaries of gender. Every class was an opportunity to disprove prejudices by demonstrating one’s curiosity and tenacity. My passion knew no bounds, from scientific discoveries to mathematical formulas. Being a girl, though, entailed more than just intellectual endeavors. It implied creating connections outside of the realm of the textbooks. Lunchtimes provided opportunities to get to know new acquaintances while exchanging tales of summertime exploits and aspirations for the future. Naturally, not every day was a dream come true. There were times when I felt the pressure of expectations, as if everyone was scrutinizing me because I didn’t fit the mold of what women were supposed to look like. But those experiences simply strengthened my will to overcome obstacles and smash glass ceilings. I looked forward to the vista of limitless possibilities with my head held high and the spirit of determination in my heart, prepared to take on the world one summer at a time.


Being a girl at vacation school brings with it its own set of experiences and obstacles that only another adolescent girl can completely comprehend. As I enter the world of holiday school, I am thrown into a flurry of emotions, friendships, and self-discovery. The first thing that strikes me is the female companionship. There’s an unseen tie that binds us together, whether it’s sharing notes, discussing our favorite songs, or smiling over private jokes. We encourage one another by celebrating our triumphs and offering assistance when we are feeling down. It’s surprising how quickly friendships can emerge in this setting. This path, like any other, is not without its challenges. The prejudice that girls aren’t as good at some areas persists. It’s discouraging to see shocked expressions on our faces when we excel in math or science, as if girls aren’t meant to excel in these disciplines. But we’re defying prejudices every day, demonstrating that our abilities are genderless. This journey is teaching me to be confident, empathetic, and unapologetically myself. And as I navigate this vacation school adventure, I’m excited to see the young woman I’m becoming and the potential that lies ahead.


Attending Commercial school as a 17-year-old student at a vocational school has been an eye-opening experience. Balancing academic lectures with shop experience has given me a unique perspective on education and life. Being a girl at my school presents both problems and rewarding experiences. My school isn’t like any other; it shares a building with another institution, resulting in regular interactions with kids from various backgrounds. This experience taught me the value of diversity as well as the joy of interacting with individuals who bring their unique stories and perspectives to the table. I get the best of both worlds by attending a trade school: classroom study and hands-on experience. Practical training in stores has not only sharpened my skills but also taught me the value of hard work and perseverance. It gives me a sense of accomplishment to watch my efforts bear fruit. Finally, my experience as a teenage girl at vocational school has been enriching. The combination of theoretical knowledge, practical experience, various interactions, and helpful teachers has helped develop me into a more confident and capable person. As time goes on, I’m looking forward to continuing to challenge norms and make the most of this amazing learning environment.


Being a girl in my school is an adventure, and I’m here to spill the beans on what it’s like to be a 17-year-old student in a vocational high school. First and foremost, let me to establish the scenario. I go to a commercial school where I get the best of both worlds: theoretical lessons in the morning and hands-on experience in real-world enterprises. It’s like entering into adulthood while still wearing my school uniform. Because our school shares a building with another, I’m frequently interacting with pupils from various backgrounds. It’s like having a social circle built in. The teachers in this school are amazing treasures. They are mentors who actually care about our development, not just educators. One of my favorite aspects of my school is how it empowers us females. There’s a bond between us that’s difficult to describe. Every day, we defy preconceptions, whether it’s using power tools in the workshop or mastering intricate business tactics in the classroom. Balancing schoolwork, projects, and, of course, teenage drama can be difficult. However, guess what? We’re a group of strong, capable young ladies learning to balance it all. And let us not forget the triumphant moments: nailing a presentation, producing a stunning shop display, and witnessing friendships grow. In this journey, I’ve realized that being a girl in my school is not just about textbooks and exams. It’s about embracing growth, celebrating diversity, and finding my own voice in a sea of possibilities.


Being a girl in high school may be an adventure, especially if you go to a technical school like me. I’m a 17-year-old commercial school student who takes both theoretical studies and hands-on training at various firms. First and foremost, let us discuss the diverse student body at my school. Because our campus shares space with another school, we meet students from all walks of life on a daily basis. Navigating academic lessons and practical training may appear difficult, but it is extremely rewarding. The practical sessions in the shops allow me to apply what I learn in class, which improves my understanding of subjects. I’m learning skills that will be useful in the real world, from balancing a cash register to comprehending the intricacies of business transactions. In this day and age, when gender roles are changing, my school is a bright example of equality. Girls and boys are encouraged to follow their interests equally, whether in business, technology, or any other profession. The journey might have its ups and downs, but I’m ready to take on whatever comes my way, armed with knowledge, friendship, and a dash of teenage spirit!


Hello there! So, I’m an adolescent girl, and I wanted to tell you a little bit about what it’s like to be a girl in vacation school. You know, those classes we take when normal school is out? Those, indeed! To begin with, being a girl in vacation school is quite awesome. You get to meet a lot of new people who share your interests. We discuss everything from schooling to favorite movies. It’s like if we’re our own little gang, and it’s fantastic! Oh, and how about time management? It’s like attempting to keep a slew of spinning plates from collapsing. It can get fairly busy between school and doing activities I enjoy. But guess what? I’m learning how to manage it all while still making time for what I enjoy. Being a girl at vacation school is assisting me in regaining my confidence. I’m learning to trust myself and not be afraid to speak up. It’s like I’m discovering the awesome person I’m growing into. I can’t wait to see where this vacation school journey takes me


Hello everyone, I’m a 17-year-old girl attending a vocational Commercial school, and I can’t wait to tell you about my adventures. High school can be a challenging experience, but being a girl in my school has been a mix of creativity, studying, and making new friends. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my educational experience has been the opportunity to pursue my interests in art and fashion. As someone who aspires to be a skilled window dresser, I thrive in practice workshops where we get to create eye-catching business windows. It is just fantastic to be able to merge colors, styles, and products into visually pleasing displays. In the spirit of magic, our school shares a building with another, giving every day a new adventure in meeting new people. Interacting with kids from various backgrounds has broadened my views and taught me a great deal about diverse points of view. Let us now discuss the teachers. They are mentors who actually care about our development, not just educators. Their enthusiasm for teaching is contagious, making even the most difficult subjects interesting. Furthermore, they always urge us to look beyond the box and exhibit our uniqueness.

In a nutshell, my high school experience has been an exhilarating blend of creativity, companionship, and progress. Every day is a fresh chance to learn, connect, and shine. So, to all the other girls out there, embrace your individuality, pursue your aspirations, and remember that high school is only the start of a great adventure!



























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