Како изгледа бити девојка у нашој школи – есеји ученица италијанске школе „Being a girl in my school“

Cartelle – I think that being a girl in my school is like being a boy, there isn’t any type of discrimination.

Putorti Franceska – Unfortunately in our society, the role of women has always been set aside from that of man. But, nowadays, a lot of things have changed for the better. Being a girl in my school is exactly the samet hing of being a boy,it even often happens that girls in the school environment are more „active“ than boys,in fact they are used to study more,to do more projects… Also the role of female teacher has changed and has been leveled to the male one,or even with the birth of female principals (like the one of my school) it has surpassed it. All this suggests that fortunately many things have changed over time,and we all hope that they can still keep changing,in order to have more and more strong women that will build the future.

Sorrenti Benedetta – Compared to antiquity, the role of women has changed in many respects, one of which is school. in my school there is no sex discrimination, boys and girls are treated the same, they do the same disciplines, they attend the same courses in the same classes. Personally, I can’t complain under any aspect of the treatment I get as a girl in my school, I can say that my rights as a student are respected. I am aware that I am lucky because I know that it is not like this in all schools in different parts of the world.

Fortunately my school is such an inclusive one, with extraordinary teachers and mature students, being a girl is not a problem. During the year we organize a few projects about women’s rights or girls’ powers, we talk about these topics almost every month. In my opinion this is a good idea: with funny games, or while reading a story, we understand the importance of every woman in this world. At last but not least, we all also learn to respect human beings and to treat them with kindness.

Ammendolia Camilla – When it comes to my school I can tell quite a bit about all the merits and positive things it offers us students.

The school is a place in which we spend a lot of time so that it must be a nice space to stay .

In recent times it is getting far more common to ear about all the discriminations or the abuses made towards the girls not only inside the schools but also outdoors.

For this reason , whenever I think or I talk about my school I realize how fortunate I am.

To tell the truth, sadly, is not common to find a place that offers a good service and that beyond the knowledge makes youths grow and mature with key principles as my school does.

Being a girl in my schools has no difference from being a boy, we have to do the same things , we have the same treatment from the teachers and of course when It is necessary we are rebuked in the same way.

Being a girl in my school is not something that scares us , we are happy to walk around we are listened to as others are, we are given advice, we are supported by everyone.

Last but not least I’m very proud of the fact that my classmates behave very well with us girls and also when we had the opportunity to move in schools abroad they showed their good education

My big wish is that in a “recent” future the girls in every school of the whole world will feel the same as me and my friends.

Ammendolea Azzurra – Frequently it is argued about a problem not to be undervalued as it is very important. Disparity between men and women has been a problem for ages; today it is a little attenuated but it is still an issue, as can be deduced from the news about violence against women. School is a place where everybody can live well together, with respect and equality among students. In my school being a woman doesn’t imply having a different treatment, we all have the same rights without gender gaps. Education must promote the culture of equality for all people and mosto f all between men and women.

As Women we don’t have to be overtaken by old belief and we need to react to every sign of discrimination.

Cannata Carol – Being a girl in my school.

Being a girl nowadays has many positive factors but also many negative factors. In my personal opinion, being a girl means being sensitive to the words of the other people. It’s not easy being a girl because sometimes we are prisoners of our own image. We look ourselves in the mirror like everyone else but with a more careful and critical eye: it means paying attention to the smallest details.

Sometimes thinking about school allows us to reflect on many topics, such as: how it’s like to be a girl at school?

We all know that school gives to each of us the opportunity to show our skills and to improve ourselves by doing tests, exams. Furthermore school is a small community where everyone learns to live respectfully with the others.

School also teaches us how to build the best version of ourselves and to discover our limits. In my school there are no differences between students: we are all a big family and it means that no one is treated differently. Therefore, hooking up the theme “being a girl in my school”, I have to say that we girls are all respected, just as boys are.

In a healthy environment like our school, all we girls are free to show our insecurities and emotions without feeling less than boys. Our school also teaches to all the students how to respect each other well, by doing assemblies, activities and by discussing some important topics in the classrooms: in fact we girls have an important role as well as boys.

During Women’s Day (8th of March) for example, the very important Women’s theme is discussed inside the classrooms. We often watch together some videos to understand the important details of this theme, to know how to treat women politely or just to learn something more.

Some boys also bring a mimosa to a girl at school as a sign of respect during this day. We can also talk about the day against violence against women (25th of november). Special photos are also taken in our school: the photos often contain red shoes, a reminder of the deaths of thousands of women. There have also been students who have created very beautiful posters with important slogans. These activities are done by both male and female students, which allow for greater inclusion. We girls are also stimulated to do better in science thanks to some organised events. For example, the meeting with astrophysicist Margherita Hack and researcher Ilaria Capua. These meetings with women make us understand that science is a discipline accessible to everyone and motivate female students (in particular) to do better and better.

Our school is opened to discussion between students and it means that every girl can feel free to express any problem because no one is judged. It is inclusive and therefore the number of boys and girls is almost the same: it is opened to gender equality and it allows students to grow emotionally and not just by learning pieces of information.

In my school there are no activities/projects reserved only for boys: we girls can participate in everything too always for the sake of equality.

Being a girl in my school also means being involved in every activity: starting from the projects up to the organisation of important days. If there are assemblies we girls can be part of the band by playing some instruments, we can also sing, show our abilities and discuss about the important topics that are treated.

We girls can see our photo on the wall, we can become school representatives and present our ideas, we can propose projects or modify existing ones.

It may seems obvious but it isn’t: not in all the schools all the girls are treated like boys and sometimes girls can only do a few of the proposed scholastic activities.

For this reason the gender equality is a very important thing that our school proposes: if there were many more boys and less girls maybe the activities would be different and it would mean that they weren’t allowed for women. In my school there is a lot of female solidarity and this is a very positive factor because not in all schools in the world girls are able to show solidarity to each other. Being a girl in my school is special because the open-mindedness of the whole community teaches us to appreciate each other, but also because it allows us to understand that women are equal to men.

Calopresti Alex – I’m a boy who’s writing this paragraph, and I feel like there is no difference between being a girl or a boy, we all have the same lessons, we all can do the same things,and when we are free we can all stay together and enjoy that moment. There’s no disparity in grades or in the way the teachers talk to us, both genders are equivalent at all.

Cordi Carla – Being a girl in my school comes with its own unique experiences and challenges. From the moment I step through those gates, I am acutely aware of the gender dynamics at play. There are times when I feel empowered and inspired, surrounded by fellow girls who are breaking barriers and defying expectations. We support each other, lifting one another up and encouraging each other’s dreams. However, there are also moments when I face subtle biases and stereotypes that attempt to limit my potential. I find myself constantly challenging societal norms, proving that my worth goes beyond my gender. Despite the obstacles, being a girl in my school has taught me resilience, strength, and the importance of fighting for equality.

Chiara Errigo – Being a girl in my school is a privilege. This is because I have the opportunity, within society, to study and achieve in the future my goals. Opportunities many other girls don’t have. Think for example of countries like Afghanistan, Niger, the Central African Republic and many others where girls are denied the right to education. The causes of denied female education are many and varied: in particular, the strongly patriarchal culture, in fact, a cultured, educated woman, is considered dangerous, difficult to subdue and, above all, impossible to marry because more aware of herself and her rights. Another cause of the impossibility of women’s education is the importance of girls within the family. They are responsible for the cleaning of the house, the care of the younger brothers, the meals, especially in the absence of the mother.

Flavia Pesa – Going through school life as a youngster can be a very big journey.

It’s time to express your opinions and chase your dreams and above all get to know each other. In a environment where diversity and quality matter, being a woman means contributing your own unique perspectives and talents, breaking down stereotypes and inspiring others. Remember, your potential is unlimited and your presence adds depth and richness to the school community.

Filocamo Sophia – Being a girl in my school is something I really adore, we are a mix of different minds and diverse ages, boys and girls with a lot of desires, hopes and things to do and for that reason heavy judges and bad comments can not find space in my school.

Maybe this can be explained by the fact that we know each other, almost all of us come from small towns so we remember faces and people, but it is always good to meet new ones in order to let them know how cool, well organized and modern our school is.

Nowadays, especially for a girl, it is important to feel safe in a place in which she has to stay most of her time, also surrounded by a lot of eyes looking at her; we hear at the TV many horrible news about episodes of violence, rape, disrespect and submission which strip a woman of all her beauty and femininity.

It is our duty to protect women because without them there would be no life for our future!

Formati Alessia – Being a girl in my school is not something that makes my life more difficult than that of boys. In my class we are half girls and half boys, and we get along perfectly well with each other. We all get the same treatment from teachers, who are ready to help and understand us regardless of whether we are boys or girls. On the one hand, I feel lucky to be treated like boys, because not everyone is so lucky, especially in other countries of the world, and we witness it every day through the news and the internet. On the other hand, however, I feel guilty for feeling lucky, because being treated with respect and not being belittled is a right that every human being, man or woman, should always have in their life. Being a girl in my school is indifferent to being a boy, and that’s how it should be.



Furci Georgia – In my school every woman has reached her own degree of independence and autonomy, and the democratic, open environment that characterizes our school contributed to this achievement. In an environment so close to everyone’s needs, the role of women becomes essential, an important contribution to social and cultural growth based on constitutional values. In this way gender equality has become a founding value of any relationship in our school.

Anna Rachele – I start with saying that you get into high school still being a child and you end up being women, because school helps and forms not only from a scholastic point of view but also from a “human” point of view. Fortunately,within my school there is no discrimination on the contrary, as it should be, there is gender equality which is not always a matter of course within schools. It is known that the role of women has always been overshadowed from the earliest times and even now we hear shocking news about verbal and physical abuse on a daily basis. I’m happy that in my school i can say that my being a woman is respected.

Impusino Lavinia – To be honest, I don’t feel any difference between boys and girls in my school. everyone is treated equally and, as a female, I really don’t feel myself treated differently than males in no way, starting with the grades and ending with the consideration that other people at school have of me.

Marzano Michelle – Being a girl in my school has been an enlightening journey, defined by acceptance and a refreshing absence of gender discrimination. From the very beginning, I stepped into an educational environment where my gender was not a defining factor. Instead, I found myself embraced for my individuality, talents, and aspirations, irrespective of being a woman. This open-minded and inclusive atmosphere has had a profound impact on my experiences. It encouraged bonds among students, enabling us to collaborate and learn without the shadow of bias. Academically, I’ve flourished without the limitations that societal stereotypes can impose.

I have never encountered prejudice or exclusion based on gender, and, as a woman, I’ve never had any difficulty making friends with my classmates of the opposite gender. This equality has fostered an environment where potential is determined by dedication and effort, rather than gender norms. It’s empowering to know that my voice is heard, my thoughts are valued, and my dreams are supported.

In a world where gender disparities still persist, the situation in my school serves as some kind of comfort. Every day, I’m reminded that true potential knows no gender boundaries. This experience has granted me the courage to strive for excellence, confident that my identity as a woman is not an obstacle but an asset.

Larosa Annarita – The role of women has always played an important role in the history of society, even if her figure is always seen in a less important way than men. I attend the fifth year in a high school and honestly since I started school I have not noticed this difference. I think being a woman is not so complicated now compared to antiquity. In my school I have the same rights as everyone else. For example, during group work I’m not afraid to express myself with my classmates because I know that my opinion is important. So being a girl in my school today is a beautiful experience.

Multari Benedetta – I am Benedetta and I attended the first two years of high school, next year I will attend the third year. Being a girl in my school is a very good experience. My school is attentive to the figure of women. Days are held, starting with the one against violence against women, celebrated November 25th, during which there are reflections and open dialogues about the topic between the teacher and the students. During Women’s Day, March 8th, we created a flash-mob to remember women who died while doing their job. Girls and boys actively participate in many projects such as Erasmus or PON. Everything that is proposed in my school is always for teenagers trained for the future, it doesn’t matter whether they are boys or girls. We as women must not feel inferior or be considered inferior as in the past. We need to be more aware of our role in the school and in the society.

Maria Chiara Gangemi – School is a place to grow up and find a place in society, but for years it was difficult for girls and boys to fit in and achieve in the school environment.

Today, gender differences have disappeared and the school system offers equal opportunities for boys and girls.

My school offers us girls the opportunity to learn without gender boundaries and without feeling excluded because there are no „male roles and female roles“, as in the past when girls were ridiculed and bullied for choices that were considered „masculine.“ It is an inclusive school that is open to the needs of students and offers equal opportunities and cares about the welfare of students without differences and obstacles.

My school offers valuable support to every student and cares about dealing with problems and hardships through courses against bullying, cyberbullying and other discrimination but also offers meetings with specialists ready to support adolescents. In my school, we do not categorize the “male” student and the “female” student, but consider „the student“ who has equal capabilities and equal opportunities.

My school also encourages socialization among students by offering educational trips, for example, and is careful that every student has a chance to fit into the class group.

Oppedisano Elisa – In the years the woman has had different value despite being the same. At the beginning, she was placed at the last steps of society and not granted the right to education, today the woman is put on the same step as the man and has the same rights. Fortunately, I am in a time when women are highly regarded, not only in society, but also in school. In my school I am very comfortable to be a girl; I am considered just like men to carry out all school activities and I have the full right to education just like men. I am free to wear clothes that represent me, to follow the lessons that I like, to follow my passions, to build a future and if it happens that I am denied a right, my school will do everything possible to get it. All this, however, is possible by the continuous fights to get women the right to education. Among all the members who fought for this right, emerges Malala, a girl who was denied the right to go to school, but despite the difficulties managed to open the eyes to many people and bring women’s education back to Pakistan. Today, she continues to fight so that all women can go to school and if I also have this right today, the merit is hers and all those who have fought and are fighting for us women.

Sofia Spataro – I’ve never considered that walking in the hallways of my school as a girl could be grounds for discrimination or prejudice. I am very satisfied with the principles of inclusion and awareness-raising on the issue of gender equality on which my high school is based. But I believe that despite my conviction the question has not found a comprehensive answer yet. Maybe I can not stop at my own experience to answer, I think it is necessary to have a general vision to understand what being a woman in an Italian school means. The issue I want to discuss concerns many female Italian students who every month are forced due to problems related to monthly period and gynecological diseases (such as dysmenorrhea, endometriosis and vulvodinia) to be absent for several days, They are therefore forced to miss classes and to see the count of absences increase. Despite the great progress made in some European countries such as Spain on this issue, there still is a stalemate in Italy, as even despite some proposals, no law has been passed that guarantees „menstrual leave“ which allows each student to officially justify their absences for concrete and real reasons and allows them to avoid exceeding the final count. I am very confident about the future, there are many steps forward regarding awareness and information (especially on social media) on these issues that affect many more women than we think. Now it is up to the State to guarantee a fundamental right: that of health also at school.

Simone Pecora – Being a girl in my school is an incredible experience. We have a tight community that empowers and supports each other every step of the way. Whether it’s in academics, sports, or extracurricular activities, there are countless opportunities for us to showcase our talents and passions. The atmosphere is filled with positivity and encouragement, allowing us to truly shine and reach our full potential. It’s a place where we can celebrate our individuality and embrace our unique qualities. From inspiring role models to uplifting friendships, being a girl in my school is a journey filled with growth, empowerment, and endless possibilities.


Being a woman in my school is an empowering journey marked by diverse experiences. Interacting with fellow female students fosters unity and strength, as we navigate shared challenges and celebrate achievements together. Teachers create a supportive environment, encouraging us to voice our perspectives and pursue our aspirations with determination. Despite occasional obstacles, they only fuel my motivation to show that gender doesn’t limit our abilities. Engaging in school activities allows me to contribute my unique viewpoint and promote gender equality. My time as a woman in this school constantly reminds me of our potential and the progress we’re achieving collectively.

Being a woman in my school means embracing a journey of growth and self-determination. In an environment where female voices are growing stronger, I find inspiration in uniting with my female classmates. Challenges become opportunities to showcase our resilience and determination. Together, we are building a community that supports our individual and collective development, creating a future where female empowerment is at the heart of the school experience.


Being a woman in my school is a unique and inspiring experience. I find myself surrounded by peers who share similar aspirations and goals. Together, we tackle academic and personal challenges, forging a deep bond of mutual support. Female role models among the teachers consistently demonstrate the limitless potential we can achieve. In my school, being a woman means embracing diversity, inner strength, and determination as we pave our path to success.


Being a woman in my school is an engaging and diverse journey. With my classmates, I face challenges and build strong bonds. Teachers support our opinions and challenge gender stereotypes. By actively contributing, I promote a culture of diversity and equality. Here, being a woman is an opportunity to grow and showcase limitless potential

Rebecca Calipresti – Being a girl in my school

Rebecca Calopresti 3E

Girls, in most of countries, are facing the lack of education. They are forced to bear tortures everywhere. Initially, they struggle to get a life and then to get a basic education. The reason for all this is the lack of education in women.

Women are still deprived of education in many countries of the world. It is not good for them, their society as well as for their nation. To date, living in Italy, I think I am very lucky, as I have the opportunity to receive an excellent education and at the same time not to be considered inferior to a boy, as unfortunately happens in some parts of the world.






















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